The Legacy Lives On

The Fisher Family plans on sustaining the great legacy built by Clyde over 50 years ago, by continuing to build upon his innovations and vision. Clyde was a great leader not only in the wholesale beer business, but also in his community and Church. The Fisher Family, as well as their 250 employees, understand the importance of community and civic involvement and actively participate throughout the various cities and communities they service.


  • 1958

    The Beer was Flowing

    Clyde Fisher’s interest in the Wholesale Beer Business began in 1958 while visiting a bar in Houston managed by his brother. It was New Year’s Eve, the bar was packed, and the beer was flowing. Clyde thought that the bar business looked pretty appealing and seemed to be quite profitable. Clyde was immediately hooked. 

  • Sept. 5, 1959

    Muenster, Texas Voted

    Muenster, Texas Voted

    Clyde’s hometown of Muenster, Texas was located in Cooke County, which happened to be entirely dry. This did not stop Clyde. The state legislature had recently passed a new law that stated individual cities within a county could hold an election to vote wet for beer, wine, and/or liquor. Clyde lobbied his fellow citizens and on September 5, 1959, Muenster became the first wet city in a totally dry county in the state of Texas. By October 1959, Clyde was in the wholesale beer business. He sold Miller, Lone star, Falstaff, Jax, Pabst, and Hamms throughout Muenster.

  • 1963

    Ever-growing territory

    Ever-growing territory

    Clyde’s business had grown enough that he felt he needed a warehouse to help service his ever-growing territory throughout Cooke and Montague Counties. The warehouse was built at 305 North Maple Street. In 1963, Clyde expanded and bought Wichita Beer Distributing Company in Wichita Falls, Texas. 

  • 1983

    Denton Warehouse

    After Denton, Texas became wet in 1983, Clyde built his third warehouse to accommodate the need for more space. 

  • 1985

    Expanded to Oklahoma

    Expanded to Oklahoma

    Clyde also acquired the Miller Brewing Company distribution rights for southern Oklahoma in July of 1985 with the purchase of warehouses in Ardmore and Lawton.